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Alabama Builders Political Action Committee (ABPAC)

What is ABPAC?
ABPAC is the best chance to sustain positive growth for your business! Created as the political fundraising arm of the Home Builders Association of Alabama, the Alabama Builders' Political Action Committee (ABPAC) ensures legislative lobbying power to protect against legislation that could negatively affect the home building industry. United, our 10,000+ HBAA members have a much greater and more visible impact on the election process through ABPAC. By supporting the right candidates, we are ultimately helping shape legislation and regulations that affect the homebuilding industry and your business on a daily basis.

Why should I give to ABPAC?
ABPAC's ability to provide critical financial support to pro-business candidates rests squarely on the financial support it receives from YOU and other members. The contributions will give ABPAC the needed resources and clout to succeed in electing those individuals who understand the issues affecting the building industry.

Who receives ABPAC Contributions?
Candidates who receive support from ABPAC dollars have demonstrated support for the homebuilding industry and understand how the industry creates and sustains a prosperous economy. Money raised for ABPAC through the local associations is split to help support local races and funds for statewide elections. ALL money raised for ABPAC will stay within the state of Alabama, unlike many other associations.