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Your Role in Keeping Construction an Essential Business in Alabama

The HBAA and your local Association have worked diligently to ensure that construction remains an essential business. In order to maintain this designation, you must do your part in ensuring your jobsites are following all guidelines set forth by the CDC and other agencies with regard to COVID-19. That includes social distancing, limiting persons on the jobsite to 10 or less, providing alcohol-based hand sanitizers and/or handwashing stations, and other steps set forth in these guidelines.

The HBAA has prepared jobsite signage in both English and Spanish to help your workforce do their part to limit the spread of COVID-19. Feel free to print and display this signage on your jobsites.

Given all the work that your association has undertaken to ensure construction remains an essential business, it would be unfortunate if the failure of the construction industry to adhere to the appropriate COVID-19 guidelines results in the essential business designation being rescinded. One builder’s failure to comply could result in this very outcome. Don’t be that builder--please do your part to keep our industry working and our workforce safe in this critical time.

For more information on jobsite safety, review the links below:

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