The governing body of the Greater Montgomery Home Builders Association is the Board of Directors.

The Board is comprised of the governing officers, national and life directors, chair of the associate committee, president of the Women's Council, state directors, a Prattville-Millbrook representative, presidential appointees authorized by the Board of Directors, the five immediate Past Presidents, the Remodelers Council President and the Sales and Marketing council chair.

Officers, who must be builder members, consist of: President, Vice President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President.

All officers, the associate member presidential appointee, the Prattville-Millbrook presidential appointee, and the chairperson of the Past President's Committee comprise the Executive Committee. The full board meets on the third Tuesday of each month. The Executive Committee meets each month prior to the full board meeting.

Any person desiring to appear before the Board, or bring subject matter to the attention of the Executive Committee or full Board, is requested to contact the Executive Director so that their request may be included on the agenda. Minutes of each meeting are maintained at the GMHBA Office.

Montgomery area representatives to NAHB are appointed on the one-per-fifty builder ratio. For every 100 builders we retain, we are allowed two national representatives. Once a national director has served 10 consecutive years (attending two meetings each year), he becomes a Life National Director. All Life National Directors are voting members of the GMHBA Board.

2017 GMHBA Board of Directors

  • Chad Stearns, President
  • Jim Mathews, 1st Vice President
  • David Strickland 2nd Vice President
  • Doug Fuhrman, Treasurer
  • Jimmy Adams, Secretary
  • Ben Byrd, HBAA Director, NAHB Director
  • Joe Curtis, NAHB Life Director
  • Pete Farrior, NAHB Life Director
  • Hugh Cole, NAHB Senior Life Director, HBAA Director
  • Jake Kyser, Past President
  • Jerry Kyser, NAHB Life Director
  • David Lisenby, NAHB Director, HBAA Director
  • Jim Mathews, Immediate Past President
  • Innes McIntyre, Past President
  • Jimmy Rutland, NAHB Director, HBAA Director
  • Joe Sellers, HBAA Director
  • Larry Smith, NAHB Life Director, HBAA Director
  • Donnie Summerlin, NAHB Director
  • Michael Toles, NAHB Life Director, HBAA Director
  • Nathan Watson, NAHB Life Director
  • Ted Watts, NAHB Life Director
  • Selby Davis, Presidential Appointee Builder
  • Jake Farrior, Presidential Appointee Builder
  • Caroline Lawrence, Presidential Appointee Associate
  • Steve Mullis, Membership Committee Chair
  • Don Hall, Associate Committee Chair
  • Cindy Browder, Professional Women in Building President
  • David Strickland, GMHBA Remodelers President
  • Mugs Mullins, Sales & Marketing Chair